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As Chartered Physiotherapists we treat a wide range of problems:

Muscles and Joint Disorders

  • Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain (‘slipped discs’, sciatica, whiplash)
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Knee problems including ligament and cartilage damage
  • Overuse injuries (golfer’s, tennis elbow)
  • Work related disorders (RSI)


  • Sports injuries including ligament, cartilage, tendon and capsule problems
  • Muscle and ligament sprains, strains or tears
  • Recovery from trauma or fracture

Posture related conditions

  • Recurrent back and neck pain, headaches
  • Shoulder and upper back tension
  • Advice on lifestyle issues including driving, gardening, manual handling.

Our treatments include soft tissue techniques, massage, mobilisation of joints, pilates and posture re-education. We also emphasise self management and provide our patients with specific exercise programs to facilitate the return to full function and hopefully prevent further injury or recurrence of symptoms.

Physiotherapy is a health profession which helps facilitate movement and function following illness, injury, pain and disability, by improving the body's own natural healing systems.

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